Cost and Profit Management Software


MyABCM is an internationally renowned company that offers customized solutions to help control your business’s costs and increase its profits.

Based on our broad market experience and successful case studies within practically every business sector, we develop and continually refine complete solutions for the management of costs, profitability and performance – including analyzing processes, controlling expenses and maximizing returns, making your company’s management more transparent and efficient.

Our products have been created to meet the specific needs of each client. For example, if you need a small-scale implementation for a department or specific business unit, the best solution for you would be MyABCM Express. For a medium-scale implementation that’s somewhat more complex, we offer MyABCM Enterprise. If, on the other hand, you need a large-scale implementation that is highly complex and has characteristics such as large volumes of data, multiple languages, multi-geographic modeling, and 100% web-based architecture, then the best solution for you will be MyABCM Corporate.

We also offer the MyABCM Partner’s License, a solution for partners like consulting firms or independent consultants, which can be used for diagnostic projects and advanced analyses with clients in a simple and easy to use fashion, providing tangible modeling and analyses, and offering an innovative experience for consultant and client alike.

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Get to know our Strategic Cost and Profit Management Methodologies which will help improve the financial health of your company. Cost management software.

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We offer specialized software and consulting in systems, cost reduction, controlling expenses and process management based on each company’s sphere of operations.

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Cost and profit analysis and financial management solutions for small, medium and large companies, consulting firms and independent consultants.

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Contact MyABCM. We have the Financial and Business Solution for controlling your company’s costs and profitability tailored to meet your needs.