MyPatient Centricity

Improve Patient Outcomes and Plan to Strengthen Profitability
and Organizational Stability

MyPatient Centricity

Improve Patient Outcomes and Plan to Strengthen Profitability
and Organizational Stability

Patient Profitability and Cost Management is imperative for healthcare insurance providers. Both regulatory requirements and competitive pressures are driving this. Effectively addressing the challenges of patient profitability and cost management involves mastering a methodology, understanding the business drivers, changing business processes, and introducing a system that supports an efficient process. The impact of profitability and cost management ripples through all management processes and is a critical component of an overall enterprise performance management system.

Patient centricity is defined as the process of designing a service or solution around the patient.
The Patient Centricity solution can be used in:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Sanitary Service
  • Health insurance providers


Communicate with impact, drive better decisions all levels:

  • Need to know patient behavior across service lines
  • Improve capacity
  • Plan services based on results


Model value creation, simulate Healthcare scenarios that demonstrate the cause-and-effect relationships between inputs and outcomes

  • Patient Centricity Analytics
  • Patient and service line profitability and cost Management
  • Diagnostic Related Group Mix
  • Process and department utilization
  • Swing bed average length of stay
  • Service line cost and profitability
  • Capital allocation
  • Revenue enhancement opportunities by payer
  • Margin by physician


Prepare actionable plans achieve forecast goals

  • Cost and Performance Targets
  • Workforce Planning
  • Working Capital Optimization
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Strategy Management
  • Digital Benefit Case

Health Care Analytics Related with Patient Centricity

Electronic Health Records Clinical Operations Revenue Cycle Medical Marketing Predictive Analytics
ICD-9 conversion to ICD-10 Analytics Disease Management Payor Revenue Analytics Patient-Mix Modeling Patient Lifetime Value of Procedure Code Mix-
Diagnosis Related Group and Procedure Code Analytics Clinical Operations Dashboards Appeals & Denials Analytics Market Campaign Analysis Pandemic Modeling
HIPAA Safety Breach Analytics Readmission Analysis Charge Lag Reporting Wellness Campaign Design, Management, and Performance Tracking Medical Intervention Strategies and ROIC
Fraud Detection Analysis Physician Clinical Effectiveness Measurements Missing/Incorrect Billing Analytics Educational Outreach Program Analysis Complex Systems Analysis
Medical Trending Patient Risk Analysis Predictive Length of Stay Trend Analytics Competitive Market Analysis Health Outcomes


  • Scenario planning
  • Service lifecycle
  • Benchmarking
  • Digital Benefit Case
  • Tax Provision


  • Data Lake
  • Financial close and consolidation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Service Catalogs


  • Patient Profitability and Cost Management
  • Activity Analysis
  • Variable Cost Dynamics
  • Clinical Analytics


  • Service Consumption Modeling and Valuation
  • Capacity and Asset Management
  • Predictive Planning
  • Pricing and Revenue Optimization


  • Government & Culture
  • Strategy and Objective Setting
  • Performance Data
  • Review & Revision
  • Information, Communication & Reporting

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